TokaiMail Outlook Add-In

Outlook Email Security on a budget

Developped for Microsoft Outlook for Windows

Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2019

Fast Delivery

Software Key instantly available

Always Up-To-Date

Cloud-based Inspection Engine

Scan Attachments safely in the cloud

Attachments are uploaded to our sandbox and scanned, keeping your machine safe from any threat

Scan Links for Phishing & Malware

Scan links in suspicious emails, ensure the destination does not contain any malware, botnet, or use for phishing

Scan Sender Domain for red flags

Use our cloud engine to find out if the sender is recognized as sending spam, or phishing campaigns

TokaiMail, developped by security experts

Protect Your Small Business against security threats

Detecting Phishing Emails can be really tricky even for tech-savvy personnel. Your end-users need tools to help them identify phishing attempts before it is too late. TokaiMail is your email security swiss knife, providing in one click valuable information about an email and enabling your users to make an educated decision.

The best Outlook security Add-In for independants and SMEs


The fact is that most of the email security solutions in the market are expensive and out of reach for independents and SMEs.

Email security is instrumental to companies of all sizes. TokaiMail Outlook add-in offers a cost-effective but efficient solution to protect your company from email threats.

Our solution is leveraging industry-grade security engines such as Google Web Risk, ClamAV scanning engine, and VirusTotal to keep your business safe.

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Our Outlook Security Add-In only costs $39 and comes with 1-year protection. There is only one price point.

Volume discounts are available upon request.

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