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How To Scan Emails For Viruses in Outlook (Easily and Securely)

Virus-attached emails have been going on for decades.

The fact is there are millions of users around the world that use desktop email software such as Outlook or Thunderbird. Especially in the enterprise world, web-based email platforms such as Gmail or Office 365 are not that common.

Using desktop-based email software, users are downloading attachments every time they check their emails hence exposing their operating system to threats contained in these emails.

Hence, the risk of getting infected is considerably higher for users of desktop-based email clients than web-based email clients.

Having an up to date Antivirus software that scans attachments for viruses is fundamental for users. 

It can help users avoid catching viruses, but it can also scan user’s outbound messages, preventing your machine to turn into a botnet, sending spam emails or corrupted attachments to your professional or personal networks.

Many companies’ reputations have been destroyed because one user gets infected and starts sending spam emails to their entire contact list.

Attachment Virus Scanning Made Easy

If you use a desktop email client such as Microsoft Outlook and would like to scan an attachment, TokaiMail Outlook Add-In is the ideal solution:

  • Firstly, you need to navigate to the email containing the attachment that they like to open. 
  • Second, without selecting the attachment, you need to click on the “attachment” button in TokaiMail Add-In in the Outlook ribbon. The Add-In will display the list of attachments in the email and offer you the choice to select one or multiple attachments to scan.
  • At this point, you should select which attachment you want to scan in the context menu. Once done, TokaiMail will upload the attachment in our antivirus sandbox and scan it against common threats. Our antivirus sandbox does not store any data or file, it simply scans attachments on the scan and returns a diagnosis.  

Once TokaiMail scan has finished, you should receive a message either informing you that the attachment is harmless or that it was infected. If it was infected, we strongly recommend you delete the email completely. 

If the email comes from a known contact, you should possibly inform him that you received a malicious file from his email address. It is possible that your contact was infected by malware and you must inform him as soon as possible so he can mitigate the issue.

What Software Should I Use?

If you use a desktop email client and want to scan attachments for viruses, we strongly recommend installing TokaiMail Add-In for Microsoft Outlook.

Although Windows’ native antivirus can detect lots of threats, TokaiMail Antivirus Engine has the most frequently updated definition databases as well as real-time protection.

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Email Scanning Is A Must for Microsoft Outlook Users

While browser-based webmail platforms are extremely convenient to use, professionals are usually more comfortable with using a dedicated piece of email software.

Email continues to remain an enticing vector for cybercriminals seeking to inject viruses and malware programs onto users’ systems through corrupted attachment files. 

Every Outlook email user should have an antivirus program with email scanning installed. In this regard, TokaiMail is the perfect complement to Windows Defender to ensure you are protected against all threats.

Ready to give it a try? Buy Tokaimail Outlook Security Add-In now!

We also provide volume discounts upon request. Feel free to contact us.

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