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Scanning Email Attachments with TokaiMail

TokaiMail not only allows you to scan URLs but has also the capability to scan attachments.

What is the difference between TokaiMail Scan and my Antivirus Scan?

As a Windows User, you may have invested in an Antivirus Solution such as AVAST, NOD32, Kaspersky, or McAfee. You may also be fine with using Windows Defender which is the native antivirus solution from Microsoft Windows.

Keeping these antivirus engines up to date is crucial to your protection. You must make sure that you own a valid license so you can benefit from frequent security updates and especially zero-day patches.

TokaiMail does things a bit differently. The antivirus engine does not reside on your computer. It does not consume any CPU or Memory resources. Our antivirus engine is entirely cloud-based.

TokaiMail has selected ClamAV security engine to scan email attachments. ClamAV ® is the open-source standard for mail gateway scanning software. ClamAV is specialized in detecting threats in email attachments.

We decided to partner with ClamAV because of their extensive experience securing email gateways and also because their product is super fast and supports multi-threading. This means that you can use TokaiMail to scan multiple attachments at the same time.

How does TokaiMail integrates with ClamAV for attachment scan?

When a suspicious email is received into your mailbox and it contains an attachment, you can use TokaiMail to scan this attachment. If you click on scanning attachments, a popup will give you the option to scan one or multiple attachments at the same time. Scanning multiple attachments does not take more time thanks to ClamAV multi-threading architecture.

Once you click on scan, Tokaimail will upload the attachment to our ClamAV sandbox in our proprietary cloud platform and initiate the scan. The attachment is not stored at any given time on our platform, we simply scan it and immediately remove it to protect your confidentiality. Once the attachment is scanned, ClamAV platform will return its diagnosis to TokaiMail.

The biggest advantage of TokaiMail scan over traditional antivirus solutions is that the scan does not occur on your computer. The attachment is only analyzed after being transferred on our antivirus sandbox platform which is best practice to deal with security threats.

If you want to know more about cybersecurity sandboxing, here is a good article: What is Sandbox Security?

What happens if my antivirus spots the threat before TokaiMail?

It can happen that antivirus detects viruses or malware before TokaiMail scan even kicks in. This is due to the fact that TokaiMail scans are entirely manual and left to the appreciation of the user.

In such a case, it is no need to run the scan on the attachment again, you can simply dismiss the email.

It can also happen that the antivirus kicks in when TokaiMail uploads the file in the sandbox. This can call a short freeze of the add-in as the antivirus will basically freeze the process to protect the computer.

It can also happen that the antivirus does not detect any threat whereas TokaiMail returns an alert on a specific file. This is because our threat signature is updated constantly through ClamAV hence we have the capability of detecting malware and virus sometimes more accurately than a traditional antivirus solution.

In all cases, this is good news, it means that TokaiMail combined with your Antivirus prevented a threat. The objective of TokaiMail is not only to protect you but also to teach you how to flag suspicious emails without the help of any IA or automation tool.

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